XLIFF File Importing but not Translating

Hi there,

I am having trouble importing a translated XLIFF file into my Rise course. Despite getting a message saying that the import is successful, when I go back to my course, none of the content is translated.

I'm not sure what the issue is. I followed all the necessary steps (i.e. created a duplicate of the course, exported an XLIFF file of said duplicate, and imported the XLIFF file into the duplicate).

Any idea how I can resolve this issue?

Thank you,


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Claudine Caro

I am having the same issues. I receive notification that the XLIFL file imported successfully, but I don't see my translation in effect. 

I'm just using notepad++ to swap out my translated text and resaving. I only translated the cover page for now.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Claudine!

An XLIFF file isn't human-readable, so you'll want to use a translation tool specifically for XLIFF files to translate your course. Once an XLIFF file is translated, it should contain text in both the original language and the target language. 

Lots of folks in the community have had success with a free tool called SmartCat, so you may want to give that one a try!