You like the collapsing effect of accordion interactions but tend to favor the larger screen area of tabs interaction. Sound familiar? 

The tabcordion Storyline 360template brings you the best of both worlds: Collapsing menus with a larger screen area for content. 

See this project in action.

Note that the icons were created with FontAwesome. You'll need to install the free font before you can use the template.

Daniel King
Michael Steckman

I love this, Montse, thanks for sharing! Hope it's okay if I edit the Animation for each layer's salmon/Active object to be "Float In/Up," so that it behaves a little more like the corresponding Accordion interaction in Rise. I like to try to keep the behaviors of interactions fairly similar from one course to another for a given client, so learners experience consistency instead of differences and "surprises." I figured out the "how to rename button ##" question posed above (as did Angela) by editing the text on each of its states, so my primary and most imporant question is: *Why* is this renaming behavior the case only for the "Active" or salmon-colored button on each layer, and why is it selectable in the timeline yet not on the slide itself -- as opposed to the other, gray buttons,... Expand