Kathi Coutinho
Kathi Coutinho
Agency Quality and Administration Coordinator at Wheaton World Wide Moving
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Kathi Coutinho replied to the discussion Changing speed of fly-in objects
"Ack.  Ok, that was a brain-cramp moment.  I was trying to decide the best format to publish the files to post them here.  And NOW it dawn..."
  • over 10 years ago07/24/13 at 1:45 pm (UTC)
Kathi Coutinho replied to the discussion User incremented speech bubbles
"I'm a BIG FAN of user-directed timing, rather than animation timings   I did something like this, but not with speech "bubbles," just or..."
  • over 10 years ago06/04/13 at 9:11 am (UTC)
"Could you change the transparency of the piece of paper, so the coin is partially visible through it while the paper is being dragged?  T..."
  • almost 11 years ago04/02/13 at 6:53 am (UTC)