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Keeley Ellakany started a new discussion Drag and Drop is being...Difficult
"That's the nice way to put it, at least.   I've built a freeform Drag and Drop puzzle of a building.  The the pngs of the architectural ..."
  • 4 years ago03/30/16 at 11:56 pm (UTC)
"LOL "No, Dave. No." You did a great job of not falling into what we call "Corny or Thorny." Corny humor is hackneyed, and tends to ann..."
  • 4 years ago03/22/16 at 11:48 pm (UTC)
Keeley Ellakany commented on the e‑learning example Storyline 2: E-Learning Facts Drag-and-Drop Assessment
"Really nice use of push transitions and flat graphics!"
  • over 4 years ago02/16/16 at 6:33 pm (UTC)