4 New Slider Examples to Get Your Juices Flowing

There are so many neat things you can do with the new slider interaction in Storyline 2. It’s a great way to get your learners involved, bring concepts to life, and create fun games. Check out this fresh batch of slider examples for inspiration on how you can use sliders in your next project:

  • This anatomy-themed example by Tom Kuhlmann lets learners explore layered information with sliders.
  • Sliders make it super easy to explain processes one step at a time. Check out this football demo from Tom Kuhlmann for a great example.
  • Jackie Van Nice’s creative approach highlights the cumulative impact of a daily process.
  • This fun game-like activity by Linda Lorenzetti pairs variables with sliders to help you find a perfect love match.

If you’re not sure how to use Storyline 2 sliders, don’t miss these great tutorials to learn how. And you can always get feedback on your work in the weekly E-Learning Challenges or the E-Learning Heroes discussion forums.


Ben Riller

Nice example of an application of the "slider". Thanks. Regarding web design fads, it's a pity that "responsive design" has come to be interpreted as simply catering to mobile users only, so that traditional desktop/ laptop users are now receiving the middle finger by web page providers, with overwhelmingly unsuitable page and type design and incomplete/ broken-up glyphs when viewed on traditional devices. (A good example is the new Guardian site, which is now nearly unreadable on traditional devices (and demonstrably non-compliant wrt accessibility standards, for instance, failing my JAWS usability tests).) This page I'm viewing now is screaming at me in a typeface at least 2 picas high. For a body face, this is absurd! Do designers not learn about screen readability any more? Of ... Expand