Four illustrated people surrounding the E-Learning Heroes community badge icon.

One of best parts of the E-Learning Heroes community is how often people step forward to help. From the ways members share useful tips and examples, start insightful conversations, answer questions, provide feedback on projects, and more, we’re all able to learn and grow our skills with a little support from one another.

In every community, you’ll find individuals who go above and beyond to help others succeed; in the E-Learning Heroes community, those folx are known as Super Heroes. The Articulate Super Heroes program recognizes and thanks those people who regularly step in and lend a hand. Their generous contributions make the E-Learning Heroes community the friendliest and most helpful community for e-learning pros.

This year we’re delighted to welcome four new members to the Super Heroes team!

Walt Hamilton

Jonathan Hill

Sam Hill

Judy Nollet


These new Super Heroes are joining our existing team of familiar faces:

Paul Alders

Montse Anderson

Susann Brendgen

Veronica Budnikas

Joanne Chen

Wendy Farmer

Steve Flowers

Cary Glenn

Stephanie Harnett

Owen Holt

Linda Lorenzetti

Holly MacDonald

Phil Mayor

Zsolt Olah

Tracy Parish

Tim Slade

David Tait

Mike Taylor

Kevin Thorn

Jackie Van Nice

Richard Watson

Nancy Woinoski


As is the case with many long-running adventures, sometimes it’s time for seasoned experts to pass on their mantle. We’d like to thank the following retiring Super Heroes for the countless ways they’ve made the E-Learning Heroes community the warm and welcoming place it is today.

Brian Allen

Daniel Brigham

Matt Guyan

Bruce Graham

Jeff Kortenbosch

Gerry Wasiluk


So let’s send our congratulations to all these Super Heroes—both past and present!

Curious about what it takes to become a future Super Hero? This article shares what we look for and how the program works.