Best of 2016: Best Resources for Getting Started with Articulate 360

While we’re rounding up all the best e-learning goodies of 2016, we can’t skip the biggest e-learning development of the year: Articulate 360. Articulate 360 is one simple subscription that has everything you need for every aspect of course development. It includes new versions of Storyline and Studio, plus apps, content, and services that make it simple to create a wide variety of multi-device e-learning content, collaborate with stakeholders, source beautiful course assets, and build your skills as an e-learning developer.

Whether you’re just getting started with your subscription or you’re dipping your toes in for the  first time with a free trial, here’s what you need to get up to speed fast with all the apps and resources in Articulate 360:

Of course, if you’re looking for a detailed, step-by-step intro to everything in Articulate 360, don’t miss the Getting Started tutorials. They’re full of helpful videos that’ll walk you through the nuts and bolts.

And if you’re a longtime user of Articulate software, be sure to check out these articles to see what’s new in Storyline 360 and Studio 360, which are both part of Articulate 360:

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