Just click on the infographic to see it at a bigger size in a new tab. Download this infographic here and stay tuned for news on how Articulate is about to solve these challenges. 

Common E-Learning Development Challenges Infographic


Tove Luther
Kuriko A
Steve Peterson
Ron San

Couldn't agree more with the general sentiment of this thread. Now why is the quality of this infographic a big deal to me? One of the stats on the infographic is that 73% of course creators say it is difficult to make courses look good on all devices. Articulate claims to help us solve our challenges in the next version. So it will be a huge shame if the next version does not make big strides towards helping us efficiently build mobile friendly courses- besides other areas of productivity enhancements. And yet, the first opportunity (this infographic) Articulate had to assure us that 'mobile friendliness' is very important to them, this is what they give us: an imagine that not only is not responsive, but is entirely useless on mobile screens, and barely legible on a 22 inch monitor.... Expand