Create a Custom Table of Contents Menu for E-Learning Courses #357

Creating Custom Menus in E-Learning #358: Challenge | Recap

Create a Custom Table of Contents to Help Learners Navigate Through the Course

Today’s authoring tools make it easier than ever to customize how the menu looks and where it’s placed in the course player. But there will be times when designers want to move beyond the default menu options and design their own course menu. 

While DIY menus take longer to design and implement, they’re worth the time if they help learners get more from their training. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about.

Moving Beyond the Default Player Menu

Storyline’s menu options on the Player Properties window allow you to control how the player menu appears in your published course. This is a classic table of contents–style menu that provides all the functionality most courses need.

Moving Beyond the Default Player Menu

Using a Table of Contents Style Menu

When you want even more control over your menu design’s fonts, colors, graphics, bookmarking, and types of menu information, you’ll need to create everything yourself. The good news is: tools like Storyline make this really easy!

Using a Table of Contents Style Menu

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example of a custom table of contents menu. You don’t need to build out a real project this week. Use placeholder slides and content to allow more time for your custom table of contents menu.

Share Your E-Learning Work

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Chris Copley

This was my first attempt at a challenge, and it was great to have something new to work toward. I learned lots doing this. I've created a basic course with four scenes, introduction, two content modules and an assessment. The introduction must be completed first, then the content modules can be completed in any order. A trigger on the first slide of each scene sets the variable for that topic to show it as in progress, so returning to the home screen at any point will show which modules have been started. Once the content modules have all been completed the assessment is accessible, and once the assessment has been completed, an Exit button appears on the contents page, so users can revisit content or simply exit the course. A variables button on each slide lets testers ... Expand

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Doris Chwist
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