We hear it all the time. You’re convinced that Articulate 360 is the way to go, but you’re not the one holding the purse strings. So how can you get your boss to understand all the value that Articulate 360 brings when they may not know the first thing about e-learning authoring software? Here are some tried-and-true techniques that other community members have used.

1. Focus on How Much Time You’ll Save

Everyone knows time is money, so why not start by telling your boss how much time Articulate 360 will save you? Here are just a few of the ways the apps and resources included in Articulate 360 save course creators loads of time:

  • Rise 360. We don’t think there is an authoring app out there that allows you to create beautiful, fully responsive courses faster. With loads of pre-built course and lesson templates included—containing both real and placeholder content—you'll get courses out to your learners in no time. And if you’re working with fellow course creators or subject matter experts, collaborative authoring in Rise 360 means you can even work on the same course, simultaneously! 
  • Storyline 360. In the latest, continuously updated version of Storyline, we’ve added a ton of features and workflow improvements—like the ability to edit properties to multiple layers simultaneously—to make you even more productive.
  • Review 360. Getting feedback on your courses from stakeholders tends to be the bottleneck in the course creation process. But thanks to Review 360's web-based, intuitive interface, you and your reviewers will save loads of time and hassle so you can get courses finalized and approved, quickly.
  • Content Library 360. Say goodbye to hours spent scouring the web for design inspiration and copyright-free photos to use in your courses. Thanks to Content Library 360 being built right into Storyline 360 and Rise 360, starting from scratch is a thing of the past, and finding course assets is a breeze.
  • Support. At Articulate, we’re well known for our world-class customer support and our community of over one million members. If you’re stuck on something, you won’t be for long thanks to our helpful community and our dedicated support team!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We’re constantly adding and enhancing product features to improve your workflow and save you even more time.

2. Emphasize the Gentle Learning Curve

When you say “new software” your boss might hear “training needed” and worry about how much time it will take you—and the rest of your team—to get up to speed. To ease their mind, give them a quick demo. Start by pointing out all of the 1,000+ real and placeholder content templates included in Rise 360. Show your boss the easy, PowerPoint-like interface of Storyline 360. Point out how course reviewers can add their comments in context in Review 360. Finally, don't forget to mention that unlimited access to Articulate 360 Training is included in your subscription!

3. Showcase Key Examples

The Examples Hub on E-Learning Heroes is your go-to spot for finding stunning  examples demonstrating the power of Articulate 360. Not sure which examples to choose? Consider your team’s objectives and goals and the type of training you make most often.

Is your boss obsessed with the micro-learning trend? Or do they want you to build dozens of courses in a short amount of time? Start with some Rise 360 examples, like these:

Has your boss been asking for more fun and game-like courses? Showcase these Storyline examples to show them what's possible:

Does the boss want you to personalize your courses down to the last pixel? Here are some Storyline 360 examples with custom interfaces:

Not finding what you’re looking for here? There are tons more where these came from on the Examples Hub.

4. Build a Sample Course

Chances are you’ve already started your free trial. You may as well take advantage of it and build a mini-course on a topic you’re currently working on and show it to your boss. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of the examples above, it will allow them to visualize what future courses would look like. Not to mention, it’ll also let you give them additional information, such as how long it took you to build it, which will reinforce point #1.

More Resources

Feeling like your boss still won’t sign off on an Articulate 360 subscription? Check out these resources for more great tips:

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David McEachan