Engage Causing Course Issue

Jul 07, 2014


Quick question - I've got a course with a number of engage interactions in it. I've published it several times and sent off to the LMS team at my company - made a few adjustments the other day - including setting the player template to restricted, so users can only view the current/previous slides, and now when I get to the first engage interaction (it's a guided image tour) the course won't let me move beyond this spot. I've tried switching it from linear to presentation mode, i've switched it to allow users to leave interaction at any time, I've made sure the audio on each tab played to the very end (there is about 3:18 worth of audio on each tab) and I've even rebuilt the entire interaction and it's still not letting me go through. The rest of the course seems to be fine - though I can't tell right now cause I can't get past this spot!

Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

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