Links in Engage will not open in LMS

Jul 07, 2015

The Engage interaction (published in my LMS) contains links to other documents and Presenter Files in the LMS.  However, when you click on a link in Engage, you are taken back to the LMS login page.  Even if you login, the documents/files do not appear.  Instead, it goes back to the home page of the LMS.  Therefore, I am not able to publish the interaction so that it will open links from my LMS.

If I open the document/presenter file in my LMS from a direct link, it seems to be cached, then the link in Engage works!!  If I clear my cookies, it will not open again.

I have tried using IE, Firefox, and Chrome.  All do the same.

Before I purchased Engage/Presenter/Quizmaker, I used a simple HTML web page on the LMS with links to these files.  This works fine.  Why aren't the links working in Engage?

I have tried to publish the Engage Interaction using several settings, but no luck.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Nancy -- Welcome to the community and so sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. Would you be able to share your file or a sample here so that we can take a closer look and do some testing for you? In addition, could you please ensure that you are working locally, and have you tested your published output in the SCORM Cloud, as it is the industry standard for LMS testing?

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