Animations in Powerpoint don't work in Articulate presenter

Jul 13, 2015

Hi, I have made a powerpoint presentation with images and text that are shown 1 phrase after the other with placeholders in between.

The order and timings of the items to come in do work well in Powerpoint. However, when I publish the presentation, the text phrases all become visible at once, but on the timings that I specified in Powerpoint when they should appear, the phrase just blinks once.

How can I resolve this issue?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Vera, and welcome to the community! Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues, but can you please confirm that you are working locally? Please also see this information on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior in Articulate Studio '13, as well as How to Repair Articulate Studio '13. After you run through these troubleshooting steps, please let us know if issues persist. 

Vera Martens

Hi Christie,

I did all the actions you proposed, but the problem remains.
Yesterday I even remade a slide with text phrases that enter 1 after the
other. Yesterday before closing the PC it worked OK. This morning after
restarting, it doesn't work anymore.
To confirm, I work on the local hard drive.

Kindest regards,



Christie Pollick

Hi, Vera -- Thank you for running through the troubleshooting steps, and I'm sorry to hear your issue remains. Would you be able to provide your file or a sample here so that we may do some testing on our end, perhaps?

Also, I wanted to note that when you reply via email, your signature is displayed publicly here in the threads, so you are welcome to edit to remove that information if you wish. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Vera -- Yes, if you use the ADD ATTACHMENT button here in the thread, it will display publicly, which (if you can share an edited version for privacy) can be nice to gain additional insight from other members of the community. Or, you also have the option to submit your file privately to me, and you are welcome to do so using this form. Either way will work, and when I receive it, I will check it out and let you know what I see :) 

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