Animations running faster than voiceover - sync not working

Hello all,

My work laptop was recently upgraded from a Dell D600 (I think) to a Dell E6420, which is an excellent machine.

I re-installed Articulate '09 and continued editing and developing my modules in Presenter, but I notice now that the Sync Animations option is not working correctly.

I sync the animations with the voiceover as I've always done for years, but when I preview the slide (whether locally or online), the animations run and come in faster than the audio and where I sync'd them to appear. This is proving incredibly frustrating at the moment, because I have no confidence in being able to deliver a module on time if the sync'ing option isn't working correctly, and I have no idea what's happen or how to sort it out.

In order to deliver one module last week, I had to sync the animations about 2-3 seconds behind the actually right place on the audio!! What's happened? Has anyone else come across this at all?

Many thanks indeed,


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A @work

Are these new files or files you started on one system and moved to another?

I've had an issue where moving to a new machine to work caused some issues that were soved by reusing the slides in a new presentation with the "Reuse slides tool." By doing this, it essentially allowed the slides to re-write the sync data cleanly, then I just reimported my audio to each slide and everything worked normal thereafter. New projects never experienced that issue though, just one or two pre-existing projects in production.

This problem could be caused by moving the data without having the file in an Articulate package. I guess that would likely apply to hard drive transfers too, as they might change the file paths, especially if you changed an OS version in the process.