Arial plain publishing to Italics in Articulate 09

Hi folks.  After going thru pages and pages of forum discussions, I thought I'd just go ahead and submit an entry.  I'm hoping my situation can be easily solved.  I'm using Presenter 09, the latest version, and PPT 2010.  I have used Arial font face throughout my course.  Looks great in PPT and in Slide show preview, but as soon as I publish the course to Articulate, all my fonts turn to italics.

Here's what I have tried:

  • Making all my fonts Arial Unicode MS, I've tried Times, Calibri with all the same results.  I do have these fonts loaded on my PC.
  • I've tried taking the PPT file to my laptop to see if it would publish correctly from there.  No go.
  • I've tried publishing to LMS and to the Web with the same font problems.
  • This is strange because I recently published a course using Arial and it was fine.
  • I've reloaded Articulate 09.
  • Is there a fix for this?

Thanks so much!


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