Articulate 13 Update

Aug 13, 2015


Yesterday when I opened PowerPoint, I received a message about an Articulate 13 update. I followed your instructions and downloaded the update and when I reopened PowerPoint I had NO Articulate functionality. I called our IT department and they restored my system to where it was before the upgrade. Its working again, but I still keep getting the Update message. Please advise.

Donna Livaudais

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Donna! Sorry to hear that you ran into an issue. I would invite you to download that update you are being prompted for or you can download the latest update here.

Some users run into the issue that you are reporting and a repair typically resolves this.

Toni - I advise the repair option for you as well.

Also, please be sure that you are working locally on your hard drive on both your software and your project files.

Just let us know if you need any further assistance.

Toni O'Dell

Hi Leslie,

The content was published as an Zip file/HTML package... and until the update it ran with no problem in several browsers... now it runs in none of them. I was thinking about trying to republish them... but there are so many courses, if we have to republish every one of them it is going to be a huge problem.

And this is trying to run it locally.

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