Articulate Add-In Error in PowerPoint

Feb 02, 2018


I receive this error every time I try to use Quizmaker or Engage from within PowerPoint, but also when I just try to save an ordinary PPT file:

"The Articulate add-in is unable to communicate with the articulate.presenter.exe process. Click OK to continue."

My only option is to click "OK" to the message. Has anyone else encountered this and have a fix?

Many thanks!


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Joy McGinty

Hi Will,

The first thing I did was to update to the latest build release from Articulate. Thankfully, ithat resolved my issue. I cannot remember what it was at that time, however, the release I am currently on is v3.15.15581.0. I hope that helps! If not, the troubleshooting links Leslie (staff) provided would be worth a try.

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