Articulate for Mac? Please!!!!!

Hello everyone, this has to have been asked hundreds of times, but those of us at large company's we are soon going to have to say goodbye to Articulate unless a MAC version comes out quickly!  I know the standard response from Articulate is "we can't announce a launch time at this time", but what are we supposed to tell our company's that are dropping support of Windows?  Last week I just purchased two competitors programs to test them out on our MACs.  If everything goes well we're going to be forced to begin purchasing more licenses and switching from Articulate.  Sorry, but Bootcamp/Windows isn't being supported by our IT dept anymore.  And it just doesn't pay to purchase premium software and have to find work arounds to have it developed or viewed on non flash playing devises.  Articulate.....step up!  Many love the program, and don't want to switch, but we're being forced to.  Someone give us a MAC implementation date.

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William Hersh

I too would like to voice my support for a version of Articulate Presenter for the Mac. I know the overall Mac market is small relative to PCs, but I bet that the market penetration for those who work in education and training is higher for the Mac than for the general population. Please consider a native Mac version!!!

jo wold

Amen!  I have voiced my concern about this a couple of years ago and frankly I am a bit disgusted that Articulate has not been responsive to these concerns.  Many industries are moving toward both a Windows and PC platform for their products - at no difference in price.  A little birdie told me a couple of years ago that the head hauncho at Articulate uses a Mac for his own personal use, so I doubt the understanding of the benefits of a Mac platform are lost on him.  

I went ahead and downloaded Parallels for Mac and I am only mildly pleased with it.  No matter what others will tell you, it is not as user friendly as they make it out to be and ever since I have had in on my Mac, I have had odd anomalies occur.  I have taken it to Mac specialists and there is nothing from the Mac side that is the problem.

PLEASE, Articulate, get with the program.

Jo Wold

William Hersh

Parallels does what it is supposed to do just fine, which is run an inferior operating system (Windows). I only use it for Articulate Presenter and an occasional need to run something else under Windows. However, Presenter under Parallels is slow and clunky, unlike native Mac apps.

I think Presenter is good software, although the expense and the nonchalant support attitude by the company for such an expensive project are outrageous. If anything halfway as good came along and met my needs (which I am sure will happen at some point), I will move away from Articulate Presenter in a minute.


Leslie McKerchie
We are not ignoring you, but I do advise submitting your own feature request if you have not done so. 
As previously mentioned in this thread, we do not share our product road map prior to release.
We haven't announced plans for a native Mac version of Articulate Studio, but it can be installed on a Mac with Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Apple Boot Camp:
For tips on using Studio in Parallels Desktop, see this article:
Although Articulate content can't be authored in a Mac environment, learners can view the published output on a Mac with a supported browser:
Justin Grenier

Bill, I just wanted to add that I'm very sorry to hear that our Support Team has let you down, and that you've seen us take an unconcerned stance when it comes to supporting our products.  Is there a specific Support Case you've submitted where we could have done a better job, or a specific Forum Thread where you'd like us to take a closer look at a problem you shared?  Thanks in advance for helping us to help you!

kurt frazier

Articulate isn't going change their policy on sharing their product roadmap. Nobody would do that. That would be like handing the keys to your competitors. Where I have a problem with them is there lack of effort on supporting a Mac or online platform altogether. Many companies make the same mistake. They say they can’t support multiple operating platforms, but what they don’t realize is that they can’t afford NOT to support multiple platforms. They are inviting users like us to try other services. One day they’ll wake up and half of their customer base will be using brand XYZ, not because it’s superior, but rather they understood and met their customers needs better.  I've learned in business throughout my years that sometimes a small loss can be a huge victory.  Articulate, ya hear?

James Jenneman

Add me to the list of folks who want a Mac-native Storyline version. I'm not willing to waste precious hard drive space on installing Windows on my Mac and I'm not going to buy a PC just for this purpose. My story is I'm looking to start doing freelance elearning design on the side, and I can't use my company's Storyline license or their PC to do my own projects.

A monthly subscription plan similar to Adobe's would be nice, too, but I can't have everything :-)

jo wold

While I understand the necessity to follow protocol, i.e."submit a feature request", it is egregious to post that kind of response to a legitimate concern, regardless of where it is posted or submitted.  This kind of responding to a concern with an essentially non-response is extremely disheartening and does to inspire confidence in Articulate as an organization.  I don't want to hear one more time the alternatives of using Parallels, etc. It is cumbersome and unstable.  If you really wanted to be a state-of-the-art organization, you would quickly put this on a native Mac platform.  I don't understand the dragging of the feet.  If you are not going to put this on a native Mac platform, then just say it...

James Jenneman

Apple has a patent for lots of things. I don't think they'll do it because it's way outside their lane (they've been cutting software titles from their portfolio left and right for a few years, especially niche stuff, rather than developing new). But if they do I'm sure it'll be beautiful. I'd at least give it a try.

The problem as I see it is that I know how to use Storyline. I tried Captivate on my Mac and it was really unintuitive. I know it has its raving fans, but I didn't like it. For that matter, I don't really care for Apple's desktop software, either. iTunes is really the only Apple software I like, and that's probably more because I've been using it for 15 years more than that it's a good piece of software. I'd much rather just have Storyline available for Mac natively rather than have to learn something new from Apple or Adobe.

Karen Kashi

I am stunned by the massive inconvenience and utter pain I had to go through to get windows installed and Storyline up and running via Parallels on my new MBP. I'm sure Parallels is a lovely program, but the problems with Windows made the entire process an immensely agonizing experience. I am not exaggerating in the least. 

I think it's time Articulate shows their Mac customers (who have been tremendously devoted and patient) an ounce of respect by giving us some indication as to future plans. I no longer care to invest in Windows based programs and risk my system by subjecting it to an unstable OS. 

Instead of dismissing and invalidating our requests for a native Mac version, please show us some respect, honesty and transparency by giving us a straight answer on this issue. I don't want to hear another word promoting these workarounds on this thread. The question for this thread is not about finding a workaround, it is about having the solution we are asking for - a native Mac version. 

Karen Kashi

Maybe Articulate can care more about their customers than about the money. It's called doing the "right thing".  There is nothing smart or strategic about compromising your customers for a couple extra bucks. 

Exactly what competitors are posing such a threat? Captivate? They already have a Mac version. The longer Articulate holds off the more likely they are to lose us to Captivate. But if I knew that Articulate was going to offer a solid Mac version in the next year, I'd stay loyal and hang on. 

Justin Wilcox

Hi Karen.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and I understand that Windows is not at the top of everyone's list of operating systems to use. We all have our preferences for operating systems, applications, phones, etc... and we want to do what we want using our preferred environment. We are not trying to be disrespectful, dishonest, or not transparent with you. This is one of the most common feature requests that we hear and I can tell you with absolute certainty that we do hear you. Exploring different ways for our customers to create engaging  e-learning content is something that we are actively working on. No one here at Articulate can share specifics about our road map beyond what we have publicly announced. I hope that you will be as excited about what we are working on as we are excited about creating it. 

James Jenneman

I love how this thread just spontaneously re-awakens every couple months.

Justin, allow me to jump on the bandwagon and say Articulate's policy of not sharing their plans, frankly, stinks.

If Articulate were the most valuable company in the world, I could understand it. They'd have Apple's political capital. But they're not. They're the #2 guys in an already small niche market. Articulate's executive team needs to re-think this business strategy. We live in a transparent world now. Opacity doesn't sell. It repels.

I hope someone other than one of our friendly customer service folks (who we do dearly appreciate, don't get me wrong!) sees this.