Articulate no longer responds

May 02, 2013

After having recently upgraded to Office 2013, realized PPoint is not compatible with the 09 suite. So I re installed PPoint 2010 (in parallel with Office 2013) so that I'd still be able to use Articulate.

While I am able to see the full Articulate menu in PPoint, none of the buttons respond to click. By this I mean that any of the Articulate buttons I click on, nothing happens. I've tried removing both Articulate add-ons and reinstalling them, but didn't work.

Does anyone know if having both PPoints causes a conflict?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi El,

From our earlier conversation, I didn't realize you were running Parallels.

Any chance you can try creating a new profile on the Windows side, or even a separate installation of Windows? If you can do this, you may be able to install only 2010 on that version and it should enable you to use the Articulate ribbon. 

I know that's some extra work, but it may be an option that will get this running for you.

The odd thing is, that if it was an issue with having both installed, I would think that the ribbon would be completely missing or the software would crash upon launching or once you tried to interact with the menu at all. 

Are you unable to remove 2013? I totally understand wanting to use the latest and greatest, but at this point it may be best to revert back to just 2010.


El Ben

Hi Christine,

So the oddest thing happened with Articulate last week . I opened up PPoint 2013 after I posted this message and noticed the Articulate menu was visible...and operational!!! No now using Articulate 2009 on PPoint 2013 and everything seems to be working perfectly (things that make you go hmmm). I think it has to do with the order in which apps are installed to determine whether it functions with 2013 (have seen this in the past). Regardless, my life is saved and can now resume doing my e-learns.

Thanks for your help! Looking forward to Articulate 2K13...

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