Articulate Package, Missing .QUIZ Files

Feb 23, 2017

Hi All,

I have two very, very similar Articulate Studio 13 courses. Each has 8 quiz files. When I produce an Articulate package for one of the courses, it includes the quiz files. When I produce an Articulate package for the other course, it only has the PPTX and PPTA files showing.

I have tried opening and "saving & closing" each of the quiz files in the second course. It didn't help. The quiz files still don't show up as separate files.

I tried creating Articulate packages multiple times for each course, I get the same results each package always shows the quizzes as separate files, the other one does not.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

Thanks for that description - for the one Presenter course that doesn't show the .quiz files in the folder, can you still get to the Quizzes from within Presenter to edit them and publish the course as a whole or are they missing entirely? I'd want to check that you hadn't moved or renamed the original .quiz files as that could disassociate them with the .PPTA file, but luckily Presenter keeps the ones you inserted and will allow you to keep editing them. Do you know if all the files were saved locally to your C drive as well? If they files had been saved or moved to a network/shared folder that could also cause some odd behavior and unlink those .quiz files from the .PPTA file. This article gives a few other reminders about working on your files and best practices.

Let us know if you're still having difficulty with the quizzes and the set up within the PPTA file. It'd be good to get a look at one of the Presenter packages in question and see how that opens for us.

Keith Kemsley

Hi there Ashley,

1. Yes quiz files still exist within the PPTA, just not separate within the Articulate ZIP package

2. No renaming

3. Local drive

As I supply the Articulate ZIP packages to clients for archive purposes, they sometimes know enough to ask why the quiz files are showing in one ZIP file and not in other course ZIP files. 


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