Articulate, PPT 2007, & Raptivity

I created an interaction with Raptivity. Installed it as a swf file using Flash movie dialog box on Articulate ribbon. Settings Advance to the next slide: Automatically when movie finishes and Synchronization: Movie plays independently of slide. Set the Embed Movie property to True.

Those setting solved the first problem of getting the movie to show when previewed or published. But the interaction doesn't function. I used a flash card interaction from the Raptivity Zest package. Three cards that should show the back of the card I click on. The cards do not flip, either when previewed or published.

I am wondering if there may be some other setting I need to set since I am using PPT 2007? Additional note the swf works appropriately when run as a standalone

Any and all assistance would be helpful.

Thank you Fay

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