Articulate Presenter doesn't work with M365

Apr 08, 2022

Since M365 synchronizes files constantly to OneDrive, Articulate Presenter doesn't work in such an environment, even if I set the presentation to "Always keep on this device" and open it after doing so. I also paused the OneDrive sync.

What do I need to do in Articulate Presenter to make it happen :-) 

Thanks, Angela



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Angela Grollmisch

Hi Maria, I could one step forward. It creates a file which seems to be the Articulate project file when choosing to Publish. But it doesn't do anything more. I'm signed in to Articulate... just in case it is required. Best regards, Angela

Settings: Always keep on this device and OneDrive quitted. 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Angela, 

Do you have access to your computer's C: drive, or is your entire work environment emulated? Would you mind sending us a screenshot of where exactly you're saving your presentations so we can check if this directory is a local one? Here's a sample screenshot of where I'm saving my files for your reference: 

Looking forward to your response!

John Morgan

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for reaching out! I understand you are getting an error regarding online presentations in Presenter 360. The best way to go about fixing this is to save your file to a folder that is not being synced to OneDrive or to turn off syncing to OneDrive. Here is an article for Microsoft support on how to Turn off, disable, or uninstall OneDrive.

I hope this helps!