Articulate Presenter project cannot be upgraded to the new Articulate Presenter '13 file format

I keep receiving the message above on a presentation I am working on. I've tried moving the file to a new folder, like Articulate suggests, to disassociate it with existing presenter files. But, there actually are no presenter files. It's like there is no Articulate, even though the Articulate ribbon is at the top of my presentation. I've opened just the template file I was working with (rather than the whole presentation) and the template gets the same error message. I've used the template I'm trying to work with for 4 different presentations recently with no issues. I can't even make and "Articulate Package" to send to Articulate for diagnosis, as they suggest, because there are no Articulate files. Any suggestions?

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Tim Allen

Was research this issue lately - had a couple old PPT templates that seem to be triggering this message on our team.  A little late to help you Paige, but posting in case it's helpful to others...

We've had this happen a couple times recently to straight PowerPoint pptx files with no associated ppta file (no Articulate functions added to them yet).  Since they are straight PowerPoints, we've had success with a pretty quick transfer to a new file as follows:

  • Go to the View ribbon and open Slide Master
  • Copy the Main slide master that appears on the left (usually just the large thumbnail - the smaller ones underneath will transfer automatically)
  • Open a brand new PowerPoint and save it with a new name
  • Go to View > Slide Master, paste your slide master in, and delete the original blank one
  • Go back to your original PowerPoint, copy all the slides, and paste them into the new one.

This seems to eliminate the "Project Cannot be Upgraded" error trigger.