Articulate tab disappeared after Office 2016 upgrade

 When our organization updated to Office 2016, our Articulate menu disappeared. We then upgraded to Articulate Studio '13 Pro. But Articulate is still not showing up in the PowerPoint menu. When I go to disabled programs, it is showing as enabled. Has anyone else run into this issue? The company is wanting to try Lectora because our IT has not had any luck working on this issue with Articulate technical support. 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tammy,

Office 2016 wasn't supported for Studio '09, but it should be working with Studio '13. You'd want to start with the recommendations here.

You mentioned a Support case, and I took a look for something but perhaps it's under another users or colleagues name? I didn't see anything, but if you want to let me know the case number I can follow up on your case as well and the steps our Support team has already recommended. 

Tammy Barnett

Thank you, Ashley! That would be great. The case number might be under Tom Braun's name (Alcoa). If I understand it correctly, our update with Office 2016 was customized and perhaps those adjustments interfered with Studio '13 working properly. It's interesting though, because Articulate shows up in the tab where you can look to see if any add ins have been disabled.