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Jul 11, 2011

Hi all,

We just published a new course and are having problems because the attachments aren't opening. I read the other discussions and they didn't seem to help so I'll try again.

I published the course as a CD. We then put it into our LMS which is VTA (Virtual Training Assisstant by RISC) and link the attachments don't work. We link the LMS through the player.html.

If I launch the course from the folder using either the "Launch Presentation" button or the "player.html" button then I am able to access the attachement. The pdf attachment is embedded in the data downloads folder as it should be.

The problem comes when I try to open it in the web browser once it's playing through the LMS.

Please help...this course has gone out to the field because when I tested it it worked so I thought everything was fine but I wasn't testing through our LMS system...I know...I will in the future!

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Brandy Rainwater

Well, the screen above was causing the issues. I clicked on the Settings button and once Adobe finally loaded then I clicked the radio button for "Always Allow" and closed the Adobe settings page.  I then closed the presentation and re-opened it through my LMS. This time I did not get the warning above and the attachment opened just fine.

I'm putting together some screen shots and instructions then we'll send out a communication to all our employees taking this training telling them how to take care of the issue if they are experiencing it.

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)


The issue is caused when you run the course from your computer. Once you upload it to a server (web, LMS, etc) the end user should not have those issues.

It's Adobe's way of keeping you safe by warning (and sometimes preventing) Flash files from accessing files on your computer.

You may want to revert your Flash settings... allowing Flash files to always access your hard drive could be hazardous. 

Brandy Rainwater

Thanks James,

The problem was occurring when I uploaded it to the LMS, it ran fine on my computer until we were accessing it through the LMS. I am weary now about allowing the Flash files to Always Access...and hate to instruct so many in the company to change those settings.

Wondering if I should just use a different attachment source, create the attachment as something other than a PDF.

I tried creating it different ways before I decided on the PDF and the PDF looked the best. I'd have to republish and replace the file but if it's safer it's definately worth the little extra work and loss of quality of attachment.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Brandy Rainwater

Oh, you are so right. Since it plays from player.html and plays in an IE frame I was thinking that it was running from a web server.

The LMS is linked to our mapped drive and that's the way we link them all...not through a web server.

SInce we aren't going through a server do you think I should change the attachment or are there any other ways to make this work because I can see us using many PDF's in the future as attachments so would like to figure out the "right" way of doing this since they are all located on our mapped K drive through the LMS.

And James, Thanks SOOO much for all your help...It's really important that I understand this and can correct it.

Karen Schultz

If I follow correctly this is a similar to a recent problem I am having,  Up unitl a week or 2 when my PC crashed and I got and update, reinstalled the Articulate tools,,I could add PDF Attachements to a Powerpoint file, use the Preview button to ensure they looked good and they would come up with out a problem.  Now I get errors.  When published and posted on the web, it gives my users a chance to Save, and will successfully, but they cannot open, they get more errors.

Please help. 


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