Links work in Launch Presentation but NOT in player.html

Aug 31, 2011

Hi another question for you.

I've added an external link to a html page with a word doc. I publish to CD and we link our LMS to the player.html page. The links work when I view the presentation through the Launch Presentation button but NOT when I view through the player.html button (which is the one it needs to work in for the site).

Any ideas?

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Brandy,

If you are planning on incorporating a presentation in an LMS, here's a tutorial on how to publish for LMS:

If you need to publish a presentation for CD then make sure you publish to a different directory so you can maintain more than one version of your published output, one for LMS and one for CD.

Also, when viewing content in an LMS, you should make sure you are viewing it as a registered user to ensure that everything is working properly, including links.

Phil Mayor

Hi Brandy, if you use the launch.exe it circumvents some of the flash browser secirity, using the player.html means that flash will only allow you to access files on the local machine hence links will not work.

When it is uploaded to the internet links will work as you will be on the same domain, flash will not cross domains


Justin Wilcox

Hi Brandy. You don't need Articulate on your computer to view presentations. Attachments do not work on shared drives. In fact, we don't recommend hosting content on shared drives. I am not quite sure I understand why they are asking you to put something on a shared drive they can link to. You won' t be able to track anything in your LMS that way and attachments won't work. Is your LMS SCORM 1.2, 2004 2nd or 3rd edition or AICC compliant? If so, you need to publish for LMS and upload your SCORM or AICC compatible presentation to the LMS.

Check out the tutorial I previously linked to for more details on how to do that.

If the content is not going to be actually hosted in an LMS, you need to publish for the Web and put the content on a web server and view the content via a valid HTTP address.

Brandy Rainwater

Thanks Justin,

I will print this out and take it to them. I'm not sure why they do it the way they do, it's been done that way since we began using Articulate a couple of years ago. We had another instructional designer and LMS administrator at the time that set up the system. I don't know if we are SCORM or AICC compatible, I'll ask. Our current LMS administrator doesn't know Articulate so the "How To's"
have been passed on to him too. It does make trying to resove issues difficult because we do things differently than most others on the forum so the answers don't seem to match up.

I'll research---Thanks again.

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