Attachments not Working when Pulished in LMS

Apr 23, 2013


Could anyone please help

I have attached a PDF from my C:\ using the attchments link in presenter 09 to my course.  When previewing the course it works fine (opening the PDF) however when published through my companys LMS (Plateau/Success factors) the mouse icon hovers over the attachments tab but when clicking on it nonthing happens.

Kind Regards

Scott Thomson

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Scott. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

What browser are you using to view the presentation? Have you tried using a different browser to see if the same thing happens?

For example, if you're using Internet Explorer, you may want to try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to test the link. If it works in a different web browser, it may be due to the security settings with your current browser.

If the link doesn't open in any of the browsers you try, can you share a link to the course, so I can do a little browser testing?



Scott Thomson

Hi Christine

In our company people are on either IE8 or IE6 – changing browser isnt really allowed and users have to go through our IT department to even update from one version of IE to another due to information and asset protection policies.

if the attachment feature will not work with our browser  or when published through our LMS would there be any other way of attaching this PDF?

Kind Regards

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Scott,

I was mostly suggesting the other browsers for testing purposes. I apologize if I wasn't more clear on that. I don't know for sure if it is in fact a limitation of the browser. The only way to know this would be to test it. I wouldn't recommend having all of your users install or update their browsers, I simply need to know if you can test the course in different browsers.

If you're unable to do this due to limitations, I'd be happy to test it for you. Are you able to share a link to the course, or even the presentation file?



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