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Jun 15, 2012

Is there a way to remove the thumbnail that displays when the resources tab is clicked or is there some hidden way for me to change what thumbnail displays?  Currently it seems to grab my first slide, which has a lot on it, so it's displaying all jumbled up when the resources tab is clicked.  To work around this I've temporarily created a "Fresh" first slide that displays for 1 second, but then this throughs off the numbering of slides and client feels this would through some students off. So, if I have to use this work around, is there a way to change the numbering of slides with regards to what students see???  Thanks. 

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Dwayne Schamp

After you publish the course, locate the:

Data>SWF folder and paste in the attached "tb1.swf" file. This will overwrite the first slide thumbnail graphic and give you a nice folder icon instead of the default first slide thumbnail.

No need to change any underlying code for this to work. Any swf file should work for this. The one attached is just a single frame.

You can then remove the "fresh" slide and that will fix your slide numbering issue as well!


Sheila B

Dwayne (HTH) - That did work!!  In case others can read this conversation, I would just add two bits of info.  First, the swf file MUST be named "tb1.swf" when being inserted into the DATA>SWF folder.  So, if someone creates their own swf image like we did, you can't give it your own name.  Second, if anyone wants to create their own swf image and not use the one attached the image should be 140px X 105px to show up in the little border box the correct size.  Again, thanks for your help!

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