Audio from a Different PowerPoint Imported Over Current Audio


I read through the audio help page at, but I'm still confused about my issue. This is the first time this issue has happened to our office.

I have MS PowerPoint 2003 and Presneter '09. I opened my PowerPoint File, inserted an Engage element, and then saved it. 

Then I published the PPT as a lms. I posted the entire folder to a lcoation for our SME (project manager) to review. The published module (Moulde 4) inserted audio files from a closed document (Module 1) I had narrated a month ago.

I've been trying to figure out how that happened. It's posisble I opened the Module 1 PowerPoint file to use as my background for Module 4 since it's the same type of screens as part of this training series.

If that's the case, opening a previous file with narration, keep the narration unless you record over it? I sabed Module 4 under a new title.

I was wondering if anyone had additional thoughts as to what may have caused this. We want to make sure this doesn't happen in the future with other modules.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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Jenny Seitz

Thanks for the information. The files are kept in separate project folders within our system. Due to our document control system there's a chance that I did something incorrect when creating this newest module.

WHen we publish, the publish as a lms- nothing is zipped. The link suggested unzipping the files to create a new directory. I'm not sure what file that is.

What if I open the Module 4 PowerPoint and go ti Audio Editor and delete the audio that is there and then record the narration. Will that work without affecting Module 1 files?



Peter Anderson

Hi Jenny,

Sounds like you might have done a Save As to create a copy of the presentation, which creates a copy of the PPTA file as well.  In that case, to eliminate the old audio in the new presentation, try going to Articulate > Import Audio and "Remove" the audio, or you can simply delete the PPTA file for the new presentation. Let me know if that works...