Can embedded flash objects play outside of the presenter/browser

Hi. Is there any way that an mp4 or flv file, embedded on a slide in Presenter, actually play in an outside application when that slide his hit by the user? I am hoping this is not the case but need to ask the question to confirm since a client showed me a screen cap where an embedded flv file appeared to be launched in movie maker once the user hit the slide with the flv embedded in the published Articulate output. Any help is appreciated.



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Stephanie Harnett

Thanks Brian. I am using the Articulate Flash Movie option to insert the MP4 and FLV files. A client has reported that slides having the inserted MP4 files play back properly but the slide with the FLV inserted the same way launches movie maker and then doesn't play the file. The client is running flash play 10.1 on Vista.

Stephanie Harnett

I'm investigating further with the client - getting them to test on different browsers meanwhile here is a link to the exact file I have sent to them for testing purposes. Perhaps you could try it to see how it behaves. The test has4 slide; an intro screen, slide 1 mp4, slide 2 flv and slide 3 swf.  Each of the sample formats use the same content and were inserted into Presenter using the Flash Movie option from the Articulate menu.

Stephanie Harnett

Yes. The client tried running locally and  it triggered movie maker to launch upon hitting the second sample in the video test module then tried from the same computer/browser via the link above and it worked properly without launching movie maker. Odd. I'm also having other contacts within the client organization test this to see if it alleviates inconsistent playback issues they experienced that I originally thought had to do with the flash player version but they upgraded to 10.1 and were still having problems. Would be interesting if running from a web server resolves those as well.

Articulate folks - are there any known issues outside of hyperlinks not necessarily working properly went running web published output locally (for initial testing)?

Stephanie Harnett

The client tried that but it didn't alter his experience. He is using Windows 7 and tried running the link above locally on IE8 and Firefox 4. he has flash player 10.1 installed. When he reached the second sample (the FLV sample) IE opens even if when he launched the module using Firefox to start. He then sees a pop-up window asking him to open or save the FLV file. When he clicks open that's when movie maker attempts to play the file. When the same module is launched from a web server instead of locally from his computer, it works properly running the FLV file inside the module without additional prompts or errors.

Any other ideas as to why this would be happening? A lot of my clients would be conducting initial rounds of testing locally instead of involving the IT department to have the test modules placed on a web server.

Thanks for any help or advice!


Phil Mayor

Hi Stephanie

Can you publish to cd and get your clients to run it via the exe file it may work differently.

I would suggest he has some strange settings on his machine, I wonder if he has set IE as his default app for flvs, and this is choosing moviemaker to play the file, caused by some strange security issue for running flash locally.