Captivate 6 imported as swf in Articulate Presenter


For one of my projects, I created an application demonstration using Captivate 6 and I imported the swf file to the PPT slide in Articulate Presenter. I published the PPT, but the slide where the captivate swf is placed is showing an error. I am attaching the screenshot of the error message here. Please check the same and let me know of any possible solution.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Wendy!

The above tutorial is geared for Captivate 5 and later, including Captivate 6. A similar method using Web Objects to embed Captivate movies in Presenter is described in this article.

Be sure to view your published presentation in its intended environment (Web, LMS, Articulate Online) as described here. Otherwise, local security restrictions may prevent your presentation from working as expected. If you'll be viewing your content locally, be sure to publish your presentation for CD, and launch it via the Launch_Presentation.exe file.

Hope that helps, Wendy

Wendy Thorson

Thanks Peter for your help.  I have done all that you suggested and when I publish the course to the LMS it appears to be working correctly and then about 5 seconds into the Captivate video (5 minutes in length) it jumps to the next slide in the presentation, which is the course quiz - a little difficult to have people take a course (and pass) if they have not viewed the course...

I did not go to the Presentation options and under the publish options the first option has to do with Slides without audio or animation display for _____ seconds.  This is set to 5 - is this causing my problem?  I did not need to change this with Captivate 5.5 so am wondering if that might have something to do with this.

Thanks again for all your help.


Peter Anderson

Hi Wendy

Yup! Assuming you've inserted it to Display in slide, you'll also need to set your options for a couple other items: 

  • Advance to the next slide: Choose When user clicks next if you want to require the user to advance the slide themselves. Or, choose Automatically if you want the presentation to advance by itself when the all of the slide's narration, animations, etc. are done playing.

Linda Money

I was able to follow the video to get a Captivate 6 simulation to run, now however when I try to publish the course and I try and view it, Notepad opens and I cannot view the published version. I have tried to publish it for an LMS, the web and nothing happens other than notepad opens.

Also since creating the index.html notepad file for the web object any URL, hyperlink etc in emails go directly to notepad and will no longer open with a browser. I have attached an example.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Linda. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Notepad? How exactly are you opening the HTML file? I wonder if Notepad was somehow selected as the default program for that file. Have you tried dragging it into a web browser, instead of double-clicking or right-clicking the file?

Also, you may want to try viewing the published output on a web server or LMS, instead of viewing it locally. If you view a published Studio '09 presentation on your local hard drive or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.

To properly test your published content and share it with others, upload it to the environment for which it was published. Please review the article below for more information:

Publishing and sharing Studio '09 content


Jeff Schlaybach

Hi Christine,

I know this thread is a bit old but it did provide a huge help in my quest to insert Captivate 6 screencasts that use the right-mouse click as an action to advance to the next part of our software simulation.

We've recently tried to  upgraded to 2013, but we've got numerous outstanding issues with that version and have your support team and developers working away at those. In the mean time I am trying to enhance our current Studio '09 material with Captivate 6 and so I embedded one of these using a web object and published the content to LMS and uploaded to our LMS server.

And it works.....well, sort of works. But I can not get FF 27.0 (or other versions) to play any sound on the web object slide no matter what I try. I have the same issue with the sound in FF when I run it locally on some machines (video is always there but just no sound). However, it all works OK in IE9 and I'm assuming it would be OK in later versions of IE as well.

Any ideas? Heard of this problem from others?

Jose De Guzman

Hi Jeff,

I am encountering a similar problem to yours. In my case, the video clip suffers a video-audio interleaving gap, that is, the video is slower than the audio (in the original file the timing is right). This happens when the inserted Captivate swift is called as a web object located in the local drive.

However, when I insert the web object using a web-uploaded copy of the same .swf, everything works fine.

Let's hear from the Staff.

Jeff Schlaybach

Hi Jose,

Thanks for the feedback...

As I stated before, I do get sound when I play using IE, but I also hear a slight delay (most notable on the clicks).

I'm not sure I understand your comment about "using a web-uploaded copy"? It sounds like your delay is from referencing the Web Object across the net back to your local copy. Is that what you are saying? And when you place this content on the server running Articulate, the delay goes away? That would not explain my issue of no sound at all with FF but sound with IE.

In my case, the Web Object must already be a part of the Articulate published package to the LMS since I renamed and even moved the original location on my local drive and everything still functions in IE on the LMS (just no sound in FF).

BTW: Chrome is OK as well (sound and RM click functionality).

What I really want to do is insert the just the SWF file with the right-mouse click functionality but all I get is the Flash Player Menu coming up when published to our LMS. IS there a way to include the JavaScript code into the Articulate slide along with the SWF file? From my posts on the Captivate forum, it appears that this functionality is based on js code.

Jeff Schlaybach

Hi All,

So I've continued in the last few days to use Web Objects to insert Captivate 6 swf content that has right-mouse click capability.

 - See this:

The issue I've come across now is loading times are much greater the Web Objects as discussed here:

So I tried one of the preloader solutions from here:

It works great EXCEPT that because the swf it is pre-loading is Captivate 6, it has action script 3 in it. Because of this, Articulate makes a clicking/hissing noise int eh background for about 3 seconds. It is much the same thing if you tried to insert the SWF directly into a slide. It places some sort of yellowish captivate image in the slide and clicks/hisses at you - like telling you it can't run the swf.

Is there anyway to turn off this audio? I'm so close to a solution I can "taste" it!

Thanks for the help in advance