Challenges with uploading SCORM Presenter 13

May 11, 2015

Hi, for some reasons, I have an error that says "Please select a file to upload" when I try to upload a zip SCORM package.

Thank you,


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Dorina Grossu

Hi Leslie,

I did some more trials and the problem I have is when files are up-dated to
Articulate 13. If I upload the old SCORM (Articulate 09) or newly created
files by using Articulate 13, I do not have any errors. The error occur
with the file that has been converted. There are just about 212 slides
(recorded voice) with Quiz and Engage.

I can no longer reproduce on small "size" scale.

Any advices would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dorina!

I do not have any difficulty with your full project either, and I was able to publish it successfully to SCORM Cloud:

Please be sure that you are working locally and that you are publishing as shown here.

If you are having difficulty with Storyline in general, you may want to conduct a repair.

If you still have difficulty, I would advise that you work directly with our support team here.

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