Course Environments - Complete/Incomplete Problems

I need help! Help Desk tickets are mounting!

A lot of buzz about courses not marking complete in LMSs. We have learners on various browsers and platforms - nothing we can control. Getting varying completion results, even with the Presenter html5 patch applied (same issue with Storyline courses, by the way).   

Here's what my SCORM Cloud testing showed:

Course with Engage/Quizmaker

IE version 10+:  incomplete

Chrome: complete

FireFox: complete

Same course, removed Engage/Quizmaker

IE version 10+: complete

I could surmise that Engage on IE v10+ is the issue, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.


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Sharon Huston

Hi, Beth -- I've experienced something similar with Storyline, so this might help.  We're on Blackboard 9.1x, we found that

 - attempts with a passing grade showed up in Grade Center

 - attempts with failing grades consistently showed as "in progress," and instructors couldn't clear the attempts

The solution that worked for us was to go to the Quiz Results slide and set the "passing" grade to 0%.  This sent all the grades to Blackboard, regardless of the score.  Since we're recording the score in GradeCenter (not the pass/fail status) the pass/fail wasn't important to us.

Hopefully this will help!