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Feb 15, 2011


I have a series of modules that need to be published in a cd or dvd. Does anyone know of a CD or DVD menu creator that would allow me to link the exe or index.html to their buttons. I've checked previous posts but I'm not happy with creating a menu using presenter. I've also tried using 'Auto Max', a software recommended in one of the posts, but the presentations don't launch when you click on the menu created.

Thanks in advance!


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Virginia Mario

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your answer. I've seen this tutorial before and I think it's quite clever. However, the problem I have is that the autorun lauch does not work in my organisation so users need to open the CD and click on the 'Launch Presentation.exe'. Now, this exe file is not a stand alone but it is accompanied by a series of other files and folder that the users don't need to see.

I find it a bit messy to deliver a product that contains all these folders and where I have to instruct users to click here and there to open a presentation. I'd find it more intuitive for them to see a menu as they see when they open any cd/dvd.

Any other solutions?

Virginia Mario

Hi Dave,

I could not find any free software that would create a decent menu, but I was recommended Roxio as a paid option (haven't tested it, though).

I finally solved it by creating a menu in Microsoft Publisher and saving it as web. I put all my files in one folder and created the links from there. I renamed the menu.htm file generated by Publisher as 'Click here to start.htm' and burnt both folder + htm on a CD. When users opened the disc, they had to click on the htm file (and forget about the folder!). This was a temporary need we had while we were setting up an LMS. I don't think it looks very neat as an auto launch would look, but it worked ok.

Hope this helps, I can explain in more detail otherwise.



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