How to burn to CD or DVD

Apr 29, 2014

OK, I am just too visual of a learner and need step by step directions. I'm not sure what to do after the directions below.  I am not sure how to actually get the files on the CD.  I tried data burn but all i ended up with was audio.  I tried copy/paste on the files to CD and a DVD and i get "unrecognized".  What am I needing to do? Please help I need this sent out this week! YIKES!

What do I do with my files once I've published?

Now that you've published, you can burn the files to a CD or DVD, or copy them to whatever local destination from which you plan to deploy your course.

  • Note: If you burn your course to a DVD, it must be played in a computer DVD drive. It will not function in a DVD player on a TV.
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