Creating a 'hover' effect in Presenter 13

Dec 16, 2014


I wonder if there is a way to create a hover effect in Presenter 13? I know there is in Storyline, but unfortunately we only have Studio 13!

I have a rapid e-learning course which has some extra information (like a comment box in Excel) at the end of each bullet point and I wondered if there's a way to create these boxes to expand on mouse hover? My client has created this in PPT, but I know they won't export to the player as they are 'mouse over' options.

The only other option I can think of is to use an Engage interaction, but I'd rather not do this in this instance.

Can anyone help?


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Phil Mayor
Allison LaMotte

Hi Lindsey,

It actually is possible to create a hover-like effect in Articulate Presenter using multiple slides and hyperlinks. Check out this article where my co-worker Nicole Legault explains how. The example she made is also available as a free download.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Alison, I have learnt something today

Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Lindsey, does your course really "need" those hover effects? I know from experience that I'm always working on them in Storyline and find it rather refreshing when working in Studio that I don't need to worry about such details as they often are mainly 'window dressing'. Often the learners don't even miss it.

My question is: do you really need those hovers from an instructional design point of view or is it to make your course 'look better'?

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