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Steve Gannon

Yes, I see that on occasion too, Sam. Rather than reboot, I just move the mouse around until I see the buttons in the ribbon light up as the invisible mouse pointer rolls over, then I move the mouse to the right until Save & Close highlights. At that point I click. Once the save process completes, I open Sync Animations again and all is well.

I find that as soon as I click Sync Animations, if I take my hand off the mouse, the problem doesn't occur. I'm not sure but it may be that if you move the mouse over a non-Presenter/non-PowerPoint window while Sync Animations is opening, somehow Presenter erroneously hides the mouse pointer, or at least that's the way it seems.

Steve Gannon

GanTek Multimedia

Sam Carter

I agree with your points and have exercised the same cautions.  Somehow I get caught occasionally.

A fix would be appreciated as the solution you point out is not always easy to see on-screen, though I am successful about half the time.  At other times, it seems as if the missing cursor won't highlight the active buttons on the sync animations screen.  I suppose this is because some other screen is active, but I'm not sure.  In any case, a reboot is occasionally needed to recover.

Messy situation.  

Rebecca Hay

I have seen the same thing happen a few times.

I agree with Steve' s assessment of the issue.

I am lucky enough to have dual monitors. So I move my mouse until I see it on the other monitor, then I move it across to the other monitor at the same level as the Save & Close button until I see the button highlight--then I click it. I have not ever had to reboot. Just close the sync window and re-open it.

Mark Grover

I've seen this same thing as well (it's a bug in Presenter--has to be). I've also seen the Slide Notes panel show up blank as well. I usually try 2 things: 1) I move the cursor over into the Slide Notes area while the Sync Animation window is loading (this seems to help with the Slide Notes showing up blank). 2) I move the invisible mouse around until I see the Save & Close button highlight--after a save and close, I usually can get the Sync window to reappear with my mouse visible.

Cathy Rodriguez

This problem seems to happen only if you move your mouse too soon into the area where the Sync Animations window starts building. If you wait until after the Sync Animations window has completely opened and built, then move the mouse into that area, it seems to work fine. Articulate still has a problem but, after several tests, this would seem to be an effective workaround.