Customize attachment window

Oct 27, 2011


I would like to add a notice to the attachment window. Here is the scenario. We don't have any attachments at all, but we would like to add a note to says something like "There is no attachments for this training". So far to achieve that, I went to attachments, and insert "No attachment" text in the title, and for the link part, I leave it blank. Anyway this create a problem when user clicking on the link. Can we somehow disable the link? Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Benny Kurniawan

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your advice. But that is not really what I am after.

I can do that but I would like to keep the Attachments button up there all the time. Part it is because I have multiple trainings that share the same layouts. Having the attachments there is to keep continuity look and feel across multiple trainings.

Is there a way to say "No attachments for this training" in the attachment window but disable the link ability?

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