Distortion of shape objects in preview and publish modes

Dec 09, 2011

Hi all,

I'm in the process of developing an elearning package in which I have created graphics using the shape objects in PowerPoint. These look fine in PowerPoint

However, as soon as I preview/publish the slides the shapes become distorted. Although the example may not look as drastic but you can imagine how frustrating this can be especially when you think its all fine in PowerPoint but when previewed in articulate its all distorted.

Has anyone else experienced any similar issues? if so, what is the solution?

Kind  regards

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Robert Kennedy

Hi Ash, I have gotten in the practice of using images as much as possible instead of the objects as the objects ten to act funky every once in a while.  Click on the object, or group, right click, then Save As Picture.  Then replace the object with the image.  That way there is no "shape change" that can take place.

Robert Kennedy

Agreed.  Perfectly understand you for editing purposes.  But, the transfer from PPT to Presenter causes this issue sometimes.  That's the resolution/workaround for me currently.  Instead of deleting the object once you save it as an image, maybe you can simply drag it off the slide so it wont show.  That way you'll have the original shape for editing if you need it.  You are right about it making the file size a little larger though.

Ash Akhtar

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback...

I think the issue arises as a result of grouping these objects together, however, this could get pretty messy to manage if i do not group them, especially regards my animations.

I've had to resort to saving them as pictures and reimporting them - not ideal but will suffice for now, until the articulate developers can resolve this issue.

Many thanks Ash

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