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May 29, 2012

Recently I came across this example of an Articulate player.


The player has an "Exit" button that displays a panel with "Cancel" and "Exit now" buttons. The "Exit now" button closes the browser window.

Can anyone explain how this was done?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Joyce Hensen

In order for our students to get credit in the LMS for courses created in Presenter, the course has to have an exit button and the user has to click there when finishing the course.  I'm not seeing a similar exit button option in Storyline.  Does it need to be created differently (other than just marking the box like you do in Presenter)?  Or is an exit button not necessary in Storyline.  We've got them trained to look for it now, and it will be quite some time (if ever) before our Presenter courses are converted to Storyline.

vivian berger

Thank you for your quick response. I had reviewed the list but I guess I missed that missing bubble under HTML5. I did not see a solution on the linked site.

Is this something that is a restriction somehow from HTML5, just missing from Storyline that is likely to be addressed in the future, or is it just a different expectation with apps?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kate,

Correct. However, you can add the "Exit course" trigger to any item of your choice (buttons, etc.) and place it on either the master or any other slide you'd like. Though, it may be confusing to learners if it's shown all the time, you might want to have it show on the last slide - unless you don't mind if the learner leaves the course early.

Let us know if you have any other questions

Have a great day!


Pete Monahan

I've encountered an issue with the EXIT button when publishing for CD. I added the button to the player with an Exit Course trigger, and it works fine... but it doesn't resume properly when I come back to the course... if I used the RED X to exit, it asks me to resume and does so properly... i've updated my Storyline version to the 12/14 update, and it still doesn't work properly. Help?

Pete Monahan

Christine, attached is a naked version of my .story file... it's on a gov't contract so I can't include all the content... I have it set to prompt to resume upon course exit...

I'm launching it after publishing via the "Launch_Story.exe" file, and if I exit using the "Exit Course" link I placed on the player, it will in fact exit, but it won't prompt upon return. If I exit using the "Red X" in the upper-right corner, it will exit and prompt upon returning.

Trish Pini

Can you please tell me how I can set up an exit button on the last slide that will take our users back to the main course page in moodle.  We have the exit tab at the top of the slide however our users find it hard to find and we have too many users to educate. 

We would like to have a large button on the centre of the last page that acts the same as the exit activity link at the top of the slide.

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