'Exit Now' button and Engage slides not working in IE9

Sep 25, 2012

Hi All!

I"m in the process of switching from one LMS to another.  I'm experiencing two problems in the new LMS:

1. 'Exit Now' button in Presenter '09 presentations does not work within the LMS when using IE9.

2.  Engage slides within the Presenter '09 presentation do not load when using Firefox. 

The new LMS is telling me that the issues are a result of changes to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (11.4.402.278) and the way in which Articulate courses are affected by these changes.  They say that my previous LMS  works for me because it has been set to always force Quirks (rather than Standards). 

I don't really know what that mean (or if I believe it) and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues as a result of Adobe Flash Player (v11.4.402.278)? 

Thanks for any feedback you can provide regarding your experience.



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Phil Mayor

IE9 is the bane of my life, it does not track, it  does not work, we always force it into compatibility mode.

Exit buttons work using javascript, not really needed because closing the browser will do the same thing. Browser security will prevent the exit button working sometimes, IE9 javascript sometimes just won't work probably the reason why.

joe smith

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the reply.  The problem I experience when just closing the browser to exit the course from IE9 as opposed to using the 'Exit Not' button is that the suspend_data file is not written correctly which causes the resume presentation feature to not work correctly.  And my guess is that courses will not be marked as completed if the browser is just closed to get out of the course.

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