External hyperlinks stopped working

Jul 01, 2011

I published a presentation and the hyperlinks worked, but I went back and modified some content after reviewing, and now when I publish the hyperlinks do not work. Why would they stop working?

They links externally lead to a MOSS Sharepoint site. These links work in Preview mode. The links are embedded in graphics, which I insterted into PowerPoint.

I even tried to compare the source files from the working module and the non-working module, and I couldn't see a difference in the files.

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Ron Price

Were these hyperlinks in PPT?  or in your attachments?  If they were in PPT, you may want to check the path and see if PPT has not rotated your "/" forward slashes and changed them to "\" back slashes.  If you are in PPT 2007, that can happen.  If you save your PPT in the 1997-2003 compatible format that will usually solve that issue.

May not be your issue, but it is worth checking out.

Sarah Keough

Good suggestions, but I checked, and this isn't the case for me.

I think my file is corrupt or something. I took the same graphic wtih the link, put it in a new PP file, published, and it worked.

In the bad file, when I mouse over the linked object, the my curser turns into a hand, so it recognizes the object is hyperlinked, but does nothing when I click on the object.

Sarah Keough

Ok, guys. I did what Robert suggested, and the file works on my computer. However, external links don't work when I email the zip file to someone else in my office. I also tried transferring the file to someone elses computer, and it still wont lik (i played the file from the flashdrive and their harddrive). 

I'm thinking it's a computer-specific problem. Any ideas why it's working on my computer and not theirs?

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