extra animation flash when published

Jul 11, 2012

hello -

for some reason, when a callout disappears - it shows a flash disappearing again of the callout....but it only happens when published. you can't see it when playing it in ppt. animation  and i can't find the problem in animation mode.


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Peter Anderson

Hey Laura!

Would you mind sending us the project files so we can have a look? Please create an Articulate Presenter package, then upload the zip file to our server. You can review how to do this here: 


Send to Articulate Presenter Package – Articulate Presenter ’09 Help


Upload the resulting zip file from your computer to our server using this upload form: 


Articulate Support - Upload Your Files for Review 



Peter Anderson

Hi Laura,

It looks like Vira took your case and replied on 7/12 with the following. You may want to check your spam or junk folder for the email in case it ended up there:

I understand one of the animated callouts on Slide 2 is not working as expected. 

Since other callouts you animated are working properly, try to *rebuild* the callout for the white man, then re-apply the animation. Save the preview to test. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = 

If issue persists despite rebuilding this callout, please do the following workaround to see if it helps: 

1. Right-click the Cloud Callout shape, and select Save as Picture from the shortcut (context) menu that appears. 
2. Save the shape as a PNG or EMF image. 
3. Delete the Cloud Callout shape from your PowerPoint slide. 
4. Insert the image file in its place. 
5. Apply the animation. 
6. Save the presentation then Preview or Publish to test. 

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