Extracting the articulate player template just by saving it.

I am a Content Developer and I have come up upon  this question a few time from our clients, whether it is possible to save a or extract the player template from Articulate Studio without publishing or packaging the file.

I have tried some solutions where I should be able to find the templates that has been saved in the C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\Templates which I found on http://www.articulate.com/blog/share-player-templates/, but it doesn't seem to be there at all. Could someone please assist me as soon as possible with this, my thanks in advance.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Heinz!

See if this article can point you in the right direction. And if you receive Presenter ‘09 project files from another developer or another computer, you may find that the player template assigned to the presentation is designated as being (In Project). If you would like to reuse an (In Project) player template in other presentations, please review the following article: