I am unable to view player template,logo and presenter

Apr 11, 2013


I am using Articulate presenter 5.4 version.

I have saved some templates and logos to my C drive and want it to be imported to the power point articulate.

However I am unable to view those in player template,logo and presenter when I publish the power point presentation.

In Player template it shows only the default templates and in logos n presenter it is showing 'None selected.

Please help.



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Nisha!

First, how are you viewing the published presentation? If you view the published output locally you may run into some trouble with browser restrictions that can cause problems with some elements of your presentation. 

Do you have access to a web server or LMS? If so, try uploading the course to the LMS or web server and then test the presentation. Does the template, logo and presenter panel display properly after doing so?

Another thing to check is your settings when publishing. What are you currently publishing for (Web, LMS, CD, etc.)? What Properties do you have selected under the Publish --> Web menu? For example, are you leaving the default Player Template, Logo and Presenter?

Thanks and welcome again!


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