Flash Cards not linking to quizmaker file

Need some assistance please, working on a project in Articulate 09, i used the Flashcard to create all mu text which is 6 modules, i basically used i template with 6 subdivisions internally, i created a Quiz with Articulate Quizmaker and uploaded it to my project. So the result i was seeing is one flashcard and 1 quizmaker, however when i previewed it the last slide on the flashcard did not proceed to the quiz automatically as i wanted. How can i get the last slide on the flashcard to proceed to the Quiz in quizmaker as a complete package?

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Peter Anderson

Hi again, David!

So you inserted both the Engage interaction and Quizmaker quiz into a Presenter course, is that right? When viewing your Engage slide within Presenter and clicking on "Properties", have you set the Interaction Properties to "Show Next Slide" after completion?:

If your settings are aligned the way they should be but you're still experiencing the issue, feel free to send us your files so we can take a closer look. Thanks!