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Jill Rashdi

Hi Brian,

Originally, it was a .wmv.  Then, I had it converted(by the video editing team, so I'm not sure which software was used) to an .mp4.  When I tried to imbed the .mp4, I got an error message that said the video "uses a video codec that may not be supported or play in the Flash Player.  Sure enough, when I played it, I could hear audio, but not see the video.  So, I tried the .flv and got the reverse problem...no audio, but the video works perfectly.  Help!  I'm not sure how to answer your question about the source file.

Justin Wilcox

I would suggest upgrading your Flash Player for Internet Explorer. Only use Internet Explorer since that's the Flash Player Articulate Studio products work with.

Please upgrade to the latest version of Flash to see if this addresses your issue by launching Internet Explorer and downloading Flash Player for Internet Explorer:


If that doesn't resolve your issue, I would send us your project files by following the steps outlined here:


Jill Rashdi


Upgrading the to latest version of Flash did not resolve the issue, so I have been trying to upload my files.  Unfortunately, it is not working because it says my file is too large.  Even though I keep removing items from the folder, the size remains the same.  When I open the ppt, I notice that it says it's unpackaging several flash videos in various formats that I tried to imbed in the project.  I subsequently deleted the files that did not work, so I'm not sure why it's unpackaging them.  Is it possible they are still attached to my project and making the file size huge? How can I permanently remove them?  Or, is there another way to send the files to you?



Justin Wilcox

You can customize the dimensions of the video in the publishing wizard. The slide area of Presenter is 720 x 540 so make sure you create your movie within those specs.


To maintain optimal video quality, you would need to lock your player template presentation at its optimal size which you can do in Player Templates -> Other -> Presentation Size.

When you are customizing the dimensions I would also recommend taking a look at this calculator which will help you determine the appropriate audio and video bitrates for you movie: