Flash movie changing size and position when published

Dec 07, 2011


We are trying to get a border around the placeholder of a flash movie. We haven't been able to insert a border so we have inserted a shape behind the flash movie placeholder. The placeholder stays in position when previewing in PowerPoint but when we publish it the placeholder/flash movie it changes its size and position.

Can someone please let me know:

1. How to insert a border around the flash movie placeholder? and/or

2. How to get the flash movie placeholder to stay in its position and size when published in presenter?


Simone Cappelluti

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Charles Huff

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I have had a similar problem with inserted Flash changing size.  Initially I assumed it was because I had not made the SWFs to the optimum size and had to tediously re-make a load of them, but now I realise there is more to it than that.  I have a programme that contains a lot of inserted Flash.  Most of the time it all looks fine but occasionally a screen appears with the Flash considerably reduced in size (I would guess about 75% of correct size).  Click to the next screen then back again and often the Flash is magically back to correct size.  This is not restricted to Internet Explorer, we have seen it on Chrome as well.

This may not be connected but I have noticed that when one inserts an SWF using Articulate it always appears 1 pixel smaller in both height and width than the size at which it was made.  This seems to apply whatever the size of the inserted Flash.  I normally go into properties and correct it but maybe I shouldn’t.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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