Flash Updater going wild

Jan 15, 2015

Since yesterday, every time I open PPT, I get one or more pop-ups from Articulate Presenter saying that Flash Player 10 or higher for Internet Explorer is required to run Articulate Presenter '13 and prompts me to download it.  I went through that process yesterday (although I doubt my flash player was that old), and today I checked flash site and it is showing that I am running Flash 16,0,0,235 installed.  What's up?

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Lee Gillum

Ok found the answer in an older thread from today:


You'll need to use the latest update of Presenter '13, as Adobe released Flash Player 16 on December 9, 2014 and, as a result, Articulate Presenter won’t operate. Published content isn’t impacted.

To address this issue, we added support for Flash Player 16 in Update 5 for Presenter.

Jenna Shaw-Battista

I have spent 2.5 hours troubleshooting to no avail. I installed the update 5 for presenter and the problem persists. Previously I tried going back to an earlier flash version (suggested in another forum) but that didn't work either. I can't work on anything in PPT right now which means today's deadlines will be missed :-( 

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