Functions not working - incompatible powerpoint error

Nov 08, 2013

I've got Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 32-bit version installed, when I open Articulate Presenter '13 I get an error message "It appears you don't have a compatible version of Microsoft PowerPoint installed."  ???  I've checked under 'File - Help' it shows "Version: 14.0.4760.1000 (32-bit)"

The Articulate tab is present in PowerPoint but none of the functions work - I can click them but nothing happens.  I can click on the drop down menus (character, video, preview, etc) and see the available options but again if I click anything nothing happens.

I've tried uninstalling & re-installing Articulate Presenter with no change with this problem.

Can anyone offer ideas?

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Jay  Chun

I had the same problem.  None of the suggestions worked.  But here's what I did to get mine to work (lucky guess and not even sure if that was why it works).

--I went into the Articulate folder in program files

--Deleted the articulate studio folder

--reinstalled it and called it another name

This worked for me.  You can give it a shot.

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